Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The "Ah Ha" Journey along Sykes Mountain Trail

It wasn't supposed to be a spiritual experience... but it was such an "ah ha" journey for me!

I'm just back from a difficult hike with a friend.  As we attempted to follow the trail we found ourselves constantly wondering which way to go!  We'd walk a ways, see a trail marker... then walk some more and look and look for the next marker so that we would know which way to go.  It was very easy to get lost on this hike!

Most of this rocky trail up Sykes Mountain is marked with cairns (rock piles).  Sometimes the markers are behind boulders or bushes and you can't see them... and you wonder, "are we going the right way?"

We found ourselves several times getting off the trail with no cairns in sight... and having to backtrack.

When we could see the next cairn, it was full speed ahead with confidence... then pause... looking and looking... where is it... where's the next cairn or marker?  
I kept thinking how much walking this trail is like our life adventure!!!

We all have dreams and goals... that may be way out there... like reaching the summit of the mountain hike!  Along the way there are milestones to reach, like  the cairns! 

It's interesting.  I never doubted that we'd find the next cairn, even if we couldn't see it.  Sometimes I wanted to kiss that next cairn.. because I was so excited to find it... and to know that I was right on the path where I should be!  One step closer!
Maybe we can "Get Unstuck" by focusing on the next cairn... yes... the big goal is in mind... but we can NEVER "Get Unstuck" and reach it... unless we focus on reaching/finding the next cairn in the journey!

I find myself thinking... what is my next cairn?  

What if we could just really focus on achieving that NEXT step?  Then the next one...

I'll share some big goals that I have...
Some big goals...

Kayak the Canyon...
I've set a goal to kayak the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area from Horseshoe Bend to the Yellowtail Dam!   I'm working on building up strength and distance.  I'm out on the water 2 to 3 times a week... working on it.
-->My next "cairn" would be to paddle from Horseshoe Bend to Barry's Landing.

Help 7 awesome people who have big hearts and big goals to create their own Shaklee Team!
I've loved Shaklee products right from the beginning when Alycia introduced them to me in 1997.  I've had some incredible experiences with them.  You can read my story here, if you'd like!

I'm in the growth phase of sharing the products & opportunity with others!  My goal is to promote to Shaklee Master Coordinator!  To do that... I will reach out and help LOTS of people!
-->My next "cairn" would be to identify the next person that I can help!

What's a goal that you're working on?  What is the next "cairn" for you?

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