Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Paddler's Tale

I wrote this Paddler's Tale after my experience on the water today.
A Paddler's Tale...
Sometimes the canyon gleefully lures you in with it's calm, glass-like water. Paddling along is a dream, you're paddle skims thru the water while you look carefully at the cliff walls for wildlife. You think... ah... this is so beautiful!
Sometimes the canyon suddenly howls and blows you this way and that, with a headwind so strong that it pushes you back and back. You don't stop, you continue to paddle and paddle praying for relief from the hellacious wind. You think... why did I put in today?
Sometimes after you're home and rested... you forget about the strong headwind... the sore muscles... and remember the joy of paddling in the beautiful Canyon... 

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